Guided tour
Exclusively for tenants

Guided tour



  • General information about the event
    • Location: Central hall Groot Handelsgebouw
    • Duration of the event: from 16:00 till 17:00
    • Comments: Take your coat with you!

Do you want to know more about your workplace?

Do you work at the Groot Handelsgebouw and are you curious about its rich history and would like some fun facts about the building? Join the guided tour! The tour will take about an hour and will guide you across Weena, the outside corridors and roof terraces. Please note that the guided tours are in Dutch. Would you like a tour in English? Please send your request to We will organize an English tour if we have enough applicants.

In case you are not a tenant of the Groot Handelsgebouw

If you do not work at the Groot Handelsgebouw, but do want to join a guided tour, please keep an eye on our event calendar and Facebookpage. Public guided tours are organised during the Heritage Day.

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