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Groot Handelsgebouw ready for the socially-distanced economy

Groot Handelsgebouw ready for the socially-distanced economy

Groot Handelsgebouw ready for the socially-distanced economy

Het Groot Handelsgebouw and our tenants are ready for the 1.5-meter economy, operating under a new set of guidelines developed to promote and protect safety and wellness. The guidelines were developed in conjunction with industry trade specialists, based on guidelines from the RIVM.

Detailed updates

Community experience:      To ensure compliance with social distancing guidelines, signage has been installed throughout the property, including in elevators, restrooms, common areas and amenity spaces. This includes stickers on floors, walls and windows, as well as posters and A5 cardboard signs.

Hygiene and sanitation:         Sanitizer units have been installed at every ground-floor entrance to the building, as well as in the basement and underground car park. Signs reminding people to wash hands and observe other Covid-19 prevention measures have been placed around the building. Cleaning schedules and procedures have been intensified since the outbreak of Covid-19. Sanitation has been enhanced for restrooms; common-area seating; furniture; door handles; elevator interiors, buttons, and surfaces; handrails; and other high-risk touch points.

Face coverings:         Groot Handelsgebouw service workers, such as suppliers and maintenance workers, are required to wear non-medical face masks when it is impossible for them to observe the 1.5-meter norm.

Lifts and staircases:         Capacity of people and goods lifts has been sharply reduced to a maximum of one to three people per lift, depending on its size. Screens have been placed in some of the lifts. Staircases are one-way (up only between 06:00 and 12:00; down only from 12:00 to 20:00).

Movement inside building:         Some routings have been changed, in order to safely restrict traffic inside the building. Galleries are one-way, and tenants are encouraged to use them as little as possible.

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