Published on: 30 April 2019

Humanoids: jumpstart for UX Designers and Developers

Humanoids: jumpstart for UX Designers and Developers

Tenant in the spotlight

Humanoids is moving this year to a new location within the Groot Handelsgebouw for the third time. Initiator Maarten Hoogvliet started with a fixed work space in Kleinhandel in 2014. He is an UX Designer and found a collaboration partner in the experienced Developer Robbin Habermehl. They soon realised it was a perfect match. The company keeps on growing.

“The idea took hold immediately. This confirmed that there is a demand for our service.”

Founded on an ideal

Maarten started Humanoids based on an ideal. He disliked the fact that recently graduated professionals did not easily find their way to the technical industry. “The UX and Development vacancies do exist, but most companies want employees with experience. When you have recently graduated, you do not have experience. Companies outsource projects to Poland and India while, in the Netherlands, there are many potential candidates sitting at home. I have experienced this issue myself. The academic world is remote from the realities of the practical business world. Students are not being trained in line with the market. After graduation you do not have experience, you do not know about the tools of the trade or the technology used on the market and you do not have a portfolio. This means you miss out.”

Training the new generation

Maarten decided he would do something about this. Through Humanoids, Robbin and Maarten offer workshops, crash courses and traineeships to recent graduates. At the start, in 2017, they took three trainees on-board. Two now work at Humanoids and train the next generation of UX Designers and Developers. Robbin says: “The idea took hold immediately. This confirmed that there is a demand for our service. Maarten and I both have the required expertise and know about market expectations. We can, therefore, provide the practical know-how the trainees need to enter the market. Our trainees gather knowledge, learn how to work in a team and create their portfolio during the six-week crash course. Trainees are smart people used to process large quantities of information in a short time period. They are also eager to learn. After completing the programme, trainees can be better equipped for the job than people with years of experience.”

“The new generation deserves a chance.”

Knowledge level and enthusiasm

Trainees are employed by companies such as ING, KLM and the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Names that make us proud. “We would like people to assess the knowledge level and the enthusiasm of candidates and not just their experience on paper. Humanoids aims to be the curator, the organisation that provides the quality stamp. The new generation deserves a chance,” says Maarten.


Humanoids | Unit A1.209
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