Published on: 29 August 2018

Larissa Verbeek: better collaboration through disruption

Larissa Verbeek: better collaboration through disruption

Tenant in the spotlight

Larissa Verbeek of Verbeek Verbindt continues to make Kleinhandel discoveries. In good weather, she works on one of the Groot Handelsgebouw’s roof terraces. In inclement weather, she works at one of the large tables in the flex room. The flex room feels like a large square where everyone congregates to discuss, to make calls and also particularly to work hard.


‘I think the Groot Handelsgebouw is a beautiful building. The diversity of the building’s tenants speaks to me, ‘ says Larissa, ‘On one occasion you have a conversation with someone doing similar work, next time you meet a Frenchwoman doing a trial run to see of Kleinhandel suits her needs.’ Larissa has made a conscious choice to work away from her home. At first she worked partly at clients and partly at home. ‘At a certain point, the children grew bigger and the house actually felt too small,’ she laughs.

Transition processes

Larissa trained as an engineer. ‘Very solid,’ she says herself. Since then she has worked as a facilitator for 10 years, 6 of those years as self-employed. Larissa supervises transition processes within companies and authorities such as Rijkswaterstaat (Public Works and Waterways). ‘I usually work with others and have a strong network around me. I coach, facilitate workshops and help others with formulating processes. My goal is to strengthen the relationships between people. To work well together, you don’t always have to agree with each other. It is important that you can see and acknowledge each other’s interests. Then a collaboration flows smoothly. But it also goes beyond that. I make connections that others don’t see themselves. That’s where the name Verbeek Verbindt (Connects) comes from.’


‘I am good at facilitating and guiding conversations. I go looking for the differences and seek connections from there. My way of working is creative and stimulating: I keep asking questions and confusing people to achieve new insights. This allows the group to look at a question with new perspective. And that is often necessary with change processes. From that situation, you can then set new goals jointly and determine how you will achieve them. I think that leads to more love for and happiness and satisfaction in your work. I think it’s very nice I can contribute to that.’

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