Published on: 10 April 2019

VINN: when dreams come true

VINN: when dreams come true

Tenant in the spotlight

Vincent van Drunen was a tax consultant at DRV Accountants & Adviseurs when he decided that it was time to make the dream that he had put on hold come true. As a student he worked in the hospitality industry. He started as a barman and, eight years later, he stopped as a bar manager. He postponed his dream of setting up his own hospitality industry business. This changed overnight. “I was looking at a standard Facebook message: It is better to regret things you’ve done than the ones you haven’t. I have seen this type of message before and after, but, this time, it somehow hit the mark,” says Vincent. He booked a flight to Turkey and worked on his business plan. Three weeks later it was settled: Vincent had his own business.

“VINN offers a quick high-quality lunch at a reasonable price.”

Breakfast, lunch and drinks

The Groot Handelsgebouw right in the centre of the business community in Rotterdam was the perfect location. He named the place VINN. Breakfast, lunch and drinks are served as of 7 a.m. “When I worked in an office I realised that I only had two options for lunch. A snack or a proper lunch that would take about an hour. There was nothing in-between. VINN offers a quick high-quality lunch at a reasonable price.”

“I want to make sure everyone has a good time.”

Burgundian lifestyle

The Dutch text on the website says “We like the Burgundian lifestyle: a glass of wine with lunch is the rule rather than the exception.” Vincent is a passionate entrepreneur. “I want to make sure everyone has a good time. When you have your own business you are always in control. I make the decisions and, in the hospitality business, you can see what works and what does not immediately.” Vincent has hired two employees. “I have known Anouk and Wendy for a while. Our customers sometimes ask us if this is a family business, but that is not the case. The atmosphere makes it seem so. We have known each other for many years and we can be completely honest with each other.”


Vincent wants VINN to become a household name at the Groot Handelsgebouw. “In 2019, I want to organise more events including ones aimed at business people. When we just started, we organised wine tasting events. We want to extend the concept. This summer we will have a new terrace for our customers. We are looking forward to that.”



VINN | Weena 701
Photo: Antim Photography | Unit E1.174.2

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