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Jamestown new owner Groot Handelsgebouw

Jamestown new owner Groot Handelsgebouw

We are looking forward to working with Jamestown

Today we announce that the Groot Handelsgebouw has a new owner, Jamestown Europe. Jamestown is a real estate investment and management company with a track record of 35 years. Jamestown is a design-focused real estate company whose mission is to transform iconic spaces into innovation hubs and community centers. Michael Phillips, President of Jamestown, can’t wait to get started: “Groot Handelsgebouw is at the heart of Rotterdam’s history of growth and regeneration; we hope to continue that legacy with a new chapter through creating a hub for the new innovation economy.”

Who is Jamestown?

Do you want to know more about Jamestown? Visit their website for more information. Jamestown has scored a notable success with buildings such as Ponce City Market in Atlanta and Chelsea Market in New York; major multi-tenant business buildings with historic value and in character comparable to the Groot Handelsgebouw. The team of the Groot Handelsgebouw is looking forward to working with Jamestown. Read the full presss release regarding the sale here (Dutch).

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