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Operadagen Rotterdam Livingroom Concert XL

Operadagen Rotterdam Livingroom Concert XL

Operadagen Rotterdam

Opera does not directly come to mind when thinking about Rotterdam. Operadagen Rotterdam is here to change that. This annual opera festival with a Rotterdam touch has been organised since 2005. Ten days of modern, innovative and ground-breaking performances by international and national top artists and young adventurous performance creators. The festival consists of more than 100 performances. Not just in the well-known theatres but also in surprising places such as shops, warehouses, the port and, this year, at the Groot Handelsgebouw!

Livingroom concert XL

As a warm-up for the festival we organize a living room concert XL. The location will be indicated in the central hall. We have a limited amount of seats, so register now. After the concert there are drinks and bites and you can catch up with your fellow guests. You can register here.

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