Published on: 05 June 2019

Rotterdam Rooftop Days photos

Rotterdam Rooftop Days photos

Playground at 40 metres in the air

During the Rotterdam Rooftop Days you had the chance to visit more than 20 rooftop, including the Groot Handelsgebouw. We turned our rooftop at 40 metres high in a playground for young and old. You could craft your own architect glasses with Archikidz. After that you could design and build your own scribble robot with De Speelfabriek. There were also some XL games such as Jenga and Mikad0. This edition was a big hit with over 3,500 visitors!

Enjoy our photo's

Take a look at the photo’s for an impression of this special afternoon. Do you want to see more pictures of this event? Please visit our Facebookpage, where we also keep you posted about our upcoming events.

Photography by Mark Bolk.

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