Published on: 16 November 2018

Short movie: 24 hours Groot Handelsgebouw

Short movie: 24 hours Groot Handelsgebouw

A city within a city

The Groot Handelsgebouw is a city within a city. Have you ever thought about spending 24 hours in the Groot Handelsgebouw? Pastrami Film Company made an exquisite movie about this concept. The movie is part of the exhibition ‘I belong here. 65 years of Groot Handelsgebouw’ in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. But you can also watch the movie online. Click on the link below or visit our Vimeo-channel for the full experience.

Thank you!

We would like to thank all visitors and tenants for their cooperation. Amongst others: Venture Café, Cambridge Innovation Center, Kleinhandel, Fit For Free Conradstraat, Supermarkt ‘t Winkeltje, rooftop bar The Suicide Club and Zwaan Bikes.

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24 hours Groot Handelsgebouw


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