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In thet Groot Handelsgebouw you will find service providers and sport facilities. Have a good day!


Weena 691-693

Fit For Free

Looking for a low-cost gym? Fit For Free is here to help. Use the fitness equipment or join one of the classes.

Conradstraat 40 | Website

Global Dance Centre Rotterdam

Global Dance Centre is famous in the urban dance scene. Nicolas ‘Shaker’ Singer is the well-known danser, choreographer and founder of the dance school. The dancing classes are accessible for all ages.

Conradstraat 20 | Website

Kapsalon Kaat (hairdresser)

Kapsalon Kaat is one of the first tenants of the Groot Handelsgebouw. Willem Kaat got involved in the family business of his father and is now working with a young team of hairdressers.

Weena 687 | Website

Day care 'Het Steigertje'

Day care, next to Rotterdam Central Station. This is the ideal location. Even when you don’t work in the Groot Handelsgebouw. The day care has a cheerfully laid-out play area at the second floor.

Conradstraat ingang E, E2.169 | Website

Physiotherapy and manual therapy

Visit a physiotherapy and manual therapist during the day! The practice offers traing facilities. They also provide help with sports physical therapy and workplace advice.

Weena 723, C7.063 | Website

Rijnja Repro

Rijnja prints, copies, scans, edits and delivers documents of all sizes on all materials.

Weena 725 | Website

Zwaan Bikes

Zwaan Bikes is daily opened for the lease and repairs of bikes. It is more than just a workshop; it is also a shop for Bromptons and other (used) bikes.

Weena 703-707 | Website

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