Meeting at a prime location

Meeting at a prime location

Looking for a conference room? In the Groot Handelsgebouw, you will find several providers. From an informal meeting to high-class conference rooms and even a cinema.

Engels Conference Centre

Want to hold a meeting with a view of Stationsplein? This is possible at Engels Conference Centre. Engels has existed for over 65 years: since the very opening of the Groot Handelsgebouw. In 2015, the conference centre was completely renovated and now meets all modern standards. It offers 18 conference rooms, accommodating 12 to 350 people.

De Nieuwe Poort

De Nieuwe Poort is the place to meet and be inspired. De Nieuwe Poort does more than fill your stomach. In addition to serving you coffee, lunch, drinks or dinner, you are also treated to a sizable portion of relaxation and inspiration. At Weena, they offer several conference rooms, accommodating 16 to 150 people.

Cinema Kriterion

Kriterion is the famous cinema located on the 8th floor of the Groot Handelsgebouw. When the curtain in the cinema is drawn, you are met with a breath-taking view of Stationsplein. The space can accommodate over 300 people and has a spacious foyer. If you are interested in renting Kriterion or other impressive meeting rooms, please contact Venture Café.

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